New industry group benefits from our programmes.

The Warwick Finance Network and the Warwick Alumni London Network are the latest groups to benefit from our powerful and effective resilience training for business.

Each group is a professional network for alumni and students of Warwick Business School (WBS), working in the finance industry or financial positions in the City of London. A training event for the groups was staged at the iconic Shard building, which is the WBS base in the capital.

During the session, Me Power founder and MD Dr. Jon Finn gave an overview of reducing stress and building resilience. Simple and practical techniques to achieve this were also shown to attendees.

An introduction to the structure of the human brain and how this can effect daily behaviour and stress at work was presented. Dr. Jon Finn also gave bite-size guidance on how to build better stress management and resilience habits.

After the session, Warwick Alumni network member, Xiaotong Yang, who is a Financial derivative pricing specialist with JPMorgan Chase & Co, commented,”I was intrigued by an energetic session at the Shard about personal resilience.

“Dr. Jon Finn shared his insights into human psychology from a neuro-science perspective. He also gave us practical techniques to deal with stress and learn new habits.”

Dr. Jon Finn also commented:”This event for Warwick Business School networking groups was an excellent opportunity to present our insights into building resilience and reducing stress to people who work in demanding professional roles.

“We believe the strength of our resilience programmes is the way in which they make potentially complex ideas both practical and tangible.”

Me Power for Life and Work is a powerful and effective online training programme. It provides engaging daily exercises to improve productivity, boost well-being, enhance resilience, and be your best at home, at work and in life.

In a specific business training context, the programmes support people to improve well-being and reduce stress, deliver consistently enhanced personal performances, increase personal productivity and sales, become more organised, and improve leadership and management.